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Russellstone treasury

Russellstone Treasury is a part of the Russellstone Group.

The Russellstone Group is a privately owned investment house, with a 17% BEE owned shareholding, investing in the agricultural and energy industries with representation in Africa, Australia and Argentina.


About us

Are volatile foreign exchange markets eating into your profits? Do you find that you focus more on the markets than your core business? RussellStone Treasury has the skills and products to manage your FX risk and eradicate FX losses while you focus on growing your business without the burden of having to keep an eye on the markets.

RussellStone Treasury provide clients with a major advantage when it comes to foreign exchange deal execution, deal administration, corporate cash management and risk management.

separator We believe every client involved in import or export business should have the advantage of an in house treasury at the fraction of the cost. RussellStone Treasury assists corporate clients as well as private individuals to save money, control risk, focus on growth and protect profits whether you are importing or exporting.

Our company provides the full spectrum of treasury services across all financial markets, working closely with our clients to achieve their primary treasury objectives of securing profit by managing currency risk.


Foreign Exchange


Deal Execution - RussellStone Treasury’s deal execution is client specific according to the agreed upon mandate for each client. We pride ourselves in executing each transaction efficiently, timely and at the best possible market rate. Deal Administration - RussellStone Treasury will handle all foreign exchange administrative requirements and enquiries on behalf of our clients. We take care of all foreign exchange confirmations, settlements, regulatory compliance and reporting with regards to authorized dealers and SARB.

Trade Finance


RussellStone Treasury secures working capital and medium term finance for expansion of clients’ businesses with growth potential. Through our partnership with various finance institutions we secure viable and realistic cash flow solutions to meet our clients’ funding needs.

Risk Management


Russellstone Treasury assist our clients in managing their foreign exchange risk by use of currency derivative instruments and superior timing of transactions. We assess each client’s current risk profile and advise accordingly. The derivative instruments that we make use of are forwards (FEC), futures, options and swaps.

Currency Futures


Russellstone Treasury acts as an advisory agent in Currency Futures on Yield-X within the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). At Russellstone Treasury we facilitate trading in currency futures for our clients on Yield-X. Because of high liquidity the currency future has become a valuable tool that enables anyone, who is exposed to currency risk in their business or in a personal capacity, to manage this risk effectively on a daily basis. Companies can utilise Currency Futures to hedge future exposure without requiring any supporting documentation at a fraction of the cost of a Forward Exchange Contract (FEC) offered by a bank. Individuals can use Currency Futures to hedge their annual foreign investment allowance when a favourable rate is available but the timing of the investment might not be right.

Corporate Cash Management


Corporate Cash Management is a cash investment opportunity for corporate clients and private individuals to take advantage of RussellStone’s preferential rates and superior liquidity management. Corporate Clients and Private Individuals We facilitate term deposits in fixed and flexible money market instruments of up to a year. This is a great opportunity for companies / individuals to earn interest on working capital throughout the year.

Partnering with RussellStone Treasury


Adding value to corporate businesses and individuals with foreign exchange exposure. Reducing costs by obtaining the best possible exchange rates and lower fixed cost. Managing the effect exchange rates have on your bottom-line. Understanding the financial risk within the framework of our clients business. Specialized hedging strategies

Private Individuals


RussellStone Treasury will assist private individuals with their yearly foreign capital allowance. This is divided into a R1 million single discretionary investment allowance and a R4 million foreign investment allowance.





We strive to build sustainable business relationships by not only offering a superior quality product but also by going the extra mile when it comes to customer service.

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