Trade Finance

Is your business growing quicker than your cashflow?

What is Trade Finance?

Trade Finance is the financing of the movement of product from seller to buyer, whether local or international. It enables the importer or exporter to mitigate the risks associated with a particular trade and allows cash-flow assistance through a bridging finance solution.

Why do I need Trade Finance?

  • Trade Finance creates scalability and flexibility in your product procurement process by bridging the cash flow gap between paying your supplier and collecting from your client.
  • It is especially beneficial in the SME market, where general company cash flow is a challenge and where you might not have preferential terms with your suppliers.
  • Favourable product margins compliment this finance solution if you are able to justify the cost in relation to the value add.
  • If you have the opportunity to negotiate discounts with your suppliers, this saving can potentially offset the cost of finance.

        48 Hours

        We are committed to giving you indicative feedback on your Trade Finance Application within 48 business hours.

        Know The Process

        Trade Finance Process

        Obtain Information

        We need to gather some information from you in order to ensure we have everything that we need to evaluate your requirement.


        Term Sheet

        Once evaluated we will issue you with an indicative term sheet, setting out the terms of the facility.

        Upon Approval

        If the term sheet is accepted by you, we proceed to obtain formal credit approval.


        Drafting the Legal Agreements

        Once fully credit approved, we proceed to draft the necessary legal and security documents.


        Facility is Ready

        Once all documents are signed the facility is available for your use.

        Meet the Team

        RussellStone Treasury strives to build sustainable business relationships by not only offering a superior quality product but also by going the extra mile when it comes to customer service.

        Johan Coetzee

        Johan Coetzee

        Managing Director

        Joe Muller

        Joe Muller

        Head of Trade Finance

        Chagné Byleveld

        Chagné Byleveld

        Head of Trading Desk